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Robit Casing Systems

Robit Casing Systems

Robit casing systems are used in conjunction with a DTH hammer to get casing into the ground. They are available in many different sizes to suit your application. The products are used in the following drilling markets.

  • Site investigation
    • Casing tube is driven to selected depth, the hammer and pilot are withdrawn to allow the Core barrel to take the sample below.
  • Horizontal drilling
    • Casing is drilled in horizontally and then after the pilot and hammer are removed cables, pipes can be inserted avoiding the surface or road being disturbed.
  • Anchoring
    • This system is used to drill through overburden to depth and then with the Non Stop system you can continue drilling forward at the same diameter in the rock.
  • Water and thermal drilling
    • This system is used to drill through broken ground and overburden, after achieving the depth the casing is left in the hole as part of the installation.
  • Piling, micropiling and underpinning
    • Used to assist in the installation of Drilled Concrete piles to support new buildings in soft ground. This system provides fast drilling, maximum hole straightness and reliability to achieve the targeted depth.

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Robit Casing Systems

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